Ezio Riva, graduate at the School of Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano, has been running a professional architecture studio in Milano since 1979.

Riva has been working since the early 80’s for some of the most famous Italian Fashion Designers and Jeweller’s (Barba’s, Gianfranco Ferrè, Maska, Vhernier) and has designed various store concepts for these companies while managing the execution of these store concepts worldwide.

During his career, he has carried out the design of many residential projects, both in Italy and abroad (Milano, Paris, Moscow, Beirut, Cannes, New York, Montreal, Mexico City, Acapulco…).

The common denominator in all his projects is the spatial complexity that breaks down codified typologies with the goal of creating a functional continuum based on the plasticity of volumes and material textures. In this way, the blending of functional elements with a broad architectural approach confers to each single project a dynamic tension between composed monumentality and an expressionistic accentuation of forms and volumes.

It is therefore possible to group this work under the definition of “eclecticism”. But not “eclecticism” as an omnivorous stylistic adoption from the history of architecture but rather as the recognisable and sensitive use of a complex language brought to bear on projects in a creative way.

In residential as well as commercial spaces, every element of the composition is studied in detail and characterised by the use of appropriate construction materials, be it wood, metal, glass, plastic, or stone.

He has taught Architectural and Interior Design at the Institute of Applied Arts in Monza and he has been entrusted professor for the course of ‘Refurbishment and Conservation’, part of the Architecture and Engineering course at the Politecnico di Milano School of Engineering, Lecco Campus.


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